GE's Link is a (Slightly) More Affordable Smart Bulb

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Smart bulbs don't come cheap, but GE has decided to enter your smart home with a new LED bulb called Link, which promises to make intelligent lighting cheaper. Well, a bit cheaper at least.

It has a point: Philips' latest Hue bulbs cost £49 each, which is quite a lot for a bulb. GE's new offering – currently only available as pre-order in the US – instead uses a hub-and-spoke model, where a central node costs $30 (£17.50) and then extra bulbs, which connect to that one, cost between $15 (£8.70) and $25 (£14.60). There will also be a starter kit, which includes two 60W-equivalent bulbs and a hub, for $50 (£29.20).

They're all controlled with Wink, allowing you to adjust brightness and schedule the lights using your phone via that central node. There aren't any flashy extras like you can get with some other bulbs — hence the lower price. But despite being cheaper, they should still last a while: up to 23 years if you trust GE.

In the States, the bulbs are available for pre-order now through US chain Home Depot.

We will update you when we hear more word on a UK/European release. [GE Reports via Verge]