Google Glass Creator Doesn't Sound Convinced by His Baby

By Gary Cutlack on at

Babak Parviz, one of Google's bosses at its Google X division and the man credited as the inventor of the Google Glass concept, isn't particularly great at selling his idea. He says Glass is "not necessarily the definitive answer" to mobile computing and that he's aware that "some of the humanity comes out" of life when wearing a bizarre mobile faceputer.

Parviz was speaking at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco, where he appeared without a Glass on his face to speak about the future of mobile tech. Ever the visionary, he suggested: "My guess is, 15 years from now, walking down the street, there will be people walking around with something on their head," although he stressed that Glass is but a first step that offers only "glimmers" of how our sci-fi, connected, always-being-served-advertising future may look. [Cnet]