Google Swamped by 'Right to be Forgotten' Deletion Requests

By Gary Cutlack on at

It looks like everyone's exercising their right to be forgotten, with Google's UK division said to be sitting on requests to remove a staggering 250,000 pages from its search results.

The stats come from David Drummond, who labours under the complex job title of senior vice-president for corporate development and chief legal officer at Google UK. He claims the search giant has had 70,000 take-down requests regarding 250,000 individual pages since the rules came into place in May, with a "team" of people now dedicated to manually reviewing each particular deletion claim.

In his column on the Guardian, Drummond also says several of the odd removals we saw last week were mistakes and some pages have since been reinstated, making the entire process sound like something of a complete nightmare to manage. [Guardian]