Google's Using Samsung's Knox to Make Android More Secure

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google has been working towards ensuring Android has a bigger workplace role than it does at present, and has revealed how Samsung's Knox technology will help to achieve that once Android L has been released.

For those of you who don't know, Knox is a set of mobile security tools from Samsung designed for business and governments, and Google is implementing some of Knox's features in its upcoming OS. The hope is to reassure IT professionals that Android devices are secure enough to be allowed on corporate networks.

One of the features that has been mentioned is how Android L will utilise Knox to keep personal and corporate data completely separate by using the Android's current multi-user support in a way that is similar to Knox Workspace. Another will be the option for system admins to create policies within the phone that restrict certain actions like system configuration and authentication certificate management.

So it seems Google is serious on making Android the go-to system for work devices, just like Apple. While we can't really say exactly who will win, it does sound like Blackberry's woes aren't over yet. [Android Developers Blog via CNET]

Featured image from CNET