Google's Build-it-Yourself Project Ara Phones Arrive Next Spring

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google has decided who's going to field test its modular Project Ara phones, naming the novel device's first 100 beta testers -- and seemingly giving away a launch window-proper for the handsets too.

The 100 beta testers (listed here) have been whittled down from 90,000 applicants, and will be among the first outside of Google's testing labs to put Project Ara through its paces. "Over the next 8 months, Google will continue to refine the Ara prototype", says Google in a statement, which suggests the company will be looking to have something beyond the prototype stage ready to share by March 2015 -- slightly later than the initially scheduled January 2015 launch.

Rather than setting out a prescribed handset specification, Project Ara devices are made up of removable components that clip onto a base element. They'll allow owners to upgrade or invest in only the features they need, rather than requiring a brand new handset altogether in order to get the latest features. [DscoutTechRadar]