Having a Baby Outside Primark Was Not Part of This Lady's Birth Plan

By Gerald Lynch on at

You've bought the scented candles, you've got twelve CDs of pan pipe music sat next to the stereo and you've got the birthing pool blanket-booked for a month. And then you go and bloody go into labour outside of Primark!

That was the unfortunate scenario that befell a young lady in Birmingham yesterday, who had been out shopping unaware that her painful twinges were the early signs of a slow labour. Calling out "the baby's coming", local stall holders and security guards helped the lady maintain a semblance of dignity, holding sheets around the scene to keep out the prying eyes of a crowd said to number into the "hundreds". A West Midlands Ambulance crew soon arrived on the scene, but decided against moving the lady, who instead gave birth right there before eventually being taken to hospital. Both mother and baby are said to be doing fine.

To add to the bizarre nature of the scene, the onlookers were also said to have showered the mother in cash whilst cheering. Presumably whilst she was screaming. Here's hoping she doesn't name the child something stupid like "Cedarwood State" or "DenimCo". [BBC]

Image Credit: @Rajjohal7