Here's an iPhone 6 Curved Screen Leak to Take With Your Daily Pinch of Salt

By Gerald Lynch on at

Here's a spanner to throw into the iPhone 6 rumour mill. Just when you thought the iPhone 6's industrial design was locked down, a new leak comes along suggesting Apple's next smartphone would have a curved-edge display.

Note the curved edge rather than the entire display -- as the leaked image above (from noted Apple tipster Sonny Dickson) shows, it's just the side's of the screen that would taper down towards the rear of the handset. Given the muted reception to LG's G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round, you'd have to question why anyone, let alone Apple, would bet the house on a fully curved screen.

The image is alleged to show the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, not the rumoured 5.5-inch edition, so this may be a differentiating factor between the two. Still, this feels a little unbelievable. What purpose would it serve? Getting a thinner phone is one thing, but will the increased complexity of production that a curved display would bring be actually profitable to Apple? Take this one with an extra helping of salt for now. [9to5Mac via CNET]