Hitting a Samsung Phone Battery With a Hammer is Only Ever Going to End Badly

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's one thing to naviely smash a phone battery without being aware of the consequences, but it's another level of stupidity entirely to take a hammer to the power pack knowing full well of its explosive potential. Enter the idiot below, a definite candidate for a place in this year's Darwin Awards.

Some YouTubers have argued that the video in question is fake, but the contents of a lithium ion battery are volatile enough if handled carelessly to result in something like this -- I mean, how many phones have we heard of blowing up just when left to charge? Either way, I'm not planning on carrying out a practical experiment to test the validity of the video. And while I won't encourage anyone else to do it either, do let us know your findings if the urge to take a jackhammer to your Galaxy S5 overtakes you. [YouTube]