How to Get a Perfect Starting Boost in Mario Kart 8

By Kotaku UK on at

It's no big secret that in Mario Kart, you can start each race with a turbo boost by punching the accelerator at the perfect moment before the race begins. The question is: How do you get the timing right?

The starting boost in each Kart game works a little bit differently. In Mario Kart 8, the easiest way to master the starting boost is to watch the numbers on the screen as they countdown, specifically the two.

The key to getting the maximum boost is to hit the accelerator right as the two reaches the bottom of its drop:

How To Get A Perfect Starting Boost In Mario Kart 8

It's tricky to get it perfect, so you'll want to practice. If you hit it too early and the two is still on its way down, you'll spin out:

How To Get A Perfect Starting Boost In Mario Kart 8

If you hit it too late, as the two is already fading, you'll still get a boost, but it'll be a lot shorter:

How To Get A Perfect Starting Boost In Mario Kart 8

One way to help yourself get the timing right is to listen to the beeps as the numbers count off. If you hit accelerate right as the beep for the two sounds, you should get the maximum boost.

Watch and listen to the two carefully and with a little bit of practise, you'll be flying out of the gate every time, leaving your friends spinning in your wake.

Of course, that means that they'll start the race with better power-ups...

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