Hugo Chavez Gets His Own Font In Memoriam

By Gerald Lynch on at

The late Hugo Chavez, socialist leader of Venezuela from 1999 to 2013, was as loved as any South American politician ever has been, massively reducing poverty in the region during his term and pumping more money into health and education than the country had seen for many decades. Idolised today, Chavez's supporters now have a brand new way of commemorating "El Commandante's" life -- they can now type away in a font styled around his handwriting.

"ChavezPro" lands in time to mark what would have been Chavez's 60th birthday, and has been put together using letters Chavez wrote in prison back in 1992 following a failed coup. In "socialist red" by default, a Chavez font isn't as bizarre an idea as it first seems -- Chavez's TV broadcasts to his citizens would usually be accompanied by his writings onto giant whiteboards, which he would use to explain his policies.

Those looking to grab the font can get it for free from the Creative Trench group's website. [Reuters]

Image Credit: Reuters / Jorge Silva