Ikea Used East German Prison Labour in the 1980s to Keep Costs Low

By Matt Novak on at

If you purchased anything from Ikea back in the 1980s, you'll probably be horrified to learn about some of the company's business practices from that time. Because back in 2012, Ikea admitted that it had used East German prisoners as slave labour to make some of the company's products.

From the November 16, 2012 New York Times:

A report by auditors at Ernst & Young concluded that Ikea, a Swedish company, knowingly benefited from forced labour in the former East Germany to manufacture some of its products in the 1980s. Ikea had commissioned the report in May as a result of accusations that both political and criminal prisoners were involved in making components of Ikea furniture and that some Ikea employees knew about it.

Read more at the New York Times. [NYT via Factually]

Image: Ikea store in the Netherlands in 2002 via Getty