InkCase Plus Turns Your Smartphone Into an E Ink Kindle

By Gerald Lynch on at

InkCase maker Oaxis teased back at MWC that it was working on a modular E Ink screen that would work with practically any smartphone, and it's delivered that today with the InkCase Plus. Whereas the original InkCase only worked with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2, the InkCase Plus is basically just the lone screen component, meaning it can be popped into any number of inexpensive shells to fit phones of all sizes.

For the time being however, the InkCase Plus will come off the production line in folio cases compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5, with the KickStarter funded project allowing backers to vote with their money on which other phones get the bespoke folio case treatment.

So, with potential compatible phones established, whats the point? It's mostly down to battery life. E Ink displays are far less power hungry than LCD or OLED touchscreens, and the InkCase Plus's Bluetooth low-energy connection to your phone should allow for 18 continuous hours of eBook reading. Apps built around the InkCase Plus's proprietary SDK will allow apps (such as photo viewers and maps) to be displayed on screen, as well as notifications and the option to answer incoming calls too. Though until the case goes mainstream, you're unlikely to see any third-party app support -- if ever.

Those interested can secure one of the first InkCase Plus units by pledging $79 (£47), a saving over the proposed $139 retail price they will eventually ship for. Oaxis has already secured the $100,000 in funding it was looking for with 29 days of its Kickstarter campaign left to go. [Kickstarter]