iPad Air 2 Dummy Model Appears, and Seemingly Confirms Fingerprint Scanner

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've had yet another potential iPad leak, in the form of a dummy model of the Air 2, showing us another minuscule detail that may, or may not, appear on the final device.

The pictures of the prototype were published by Japanese website ASCII Plus, and points at the iPad Air 2 being in possession of a fingerprint scanner. There aren't many major differences design-wise, other than the fact that the dummy model is slimmer than the current iPad Air, and the speaker grill is slightly bigger.

Previous rumours have indicated that the device will also feature an A8 processor, and an 8MP camera. But leaks and rumours are just that and we can't be sure about anything until Apple unveils the device, presumably later this year. [ASCII Plus via Digital Spy]

Featured image from ASCII Plus