Is Febreze Enough to Save Three Smelly Men on an 18-Day Euro Roadtrip?

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We've all panic-spritzed Febreze while expecting visiting parents, cleaning up after sodden mates, and will even admit to a few healthy sprays on our person when our shower wasn't working. But never have we used Febreze in quite so challenging circumstances as the three guys who'll spend 18 days and nights travelling across Europe together in a Febreze Roadtrip. We can smell the moules frites stains already.

Kicked off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed by Denise Van Outen, the three Brits have only Febreze CAR Vent Clips to save their multitude of missions, all of which are viewable in amusing YouTube episodes, like the one we have here. Watch as these average Joe Blows transport farmyard animals in the back of their sky-blue car, then waft it under the nose of a discerning chauffeur.

Not returning to our fine shores until July 12th means we have a couple of weeks to see if the guys join the one in five British drivers who regularly apologise for their car's smell. [FebrezeUK]