Is Scotland's Commonwealth Games Uniform Really That Bad?

By Gary Cutlack on at

That collection of fabrics there is the official uniform of the Scottish Commonwealth Games team, the outfit the athletes will be wearing when they take the walk out into the stadium for the first time. Is it a cutting-edge update of traditional wear, or a travesty of modern art that's gone too far?

A petition on thinks it's a disaster, bordering on a national disgrace. Over 13,000 people have already signed the petition asking the Scottish government to intervene and to hurriedly organise something more drab and serious in its place, with the wording of the request stating: "These uniforms are an embarrassment to our athletes and to Scotland."

They would clearly prefer if it the jeans, t-shirt and beer belly combo modelled to the right of the photo was Scotland's official outfit.

But is the ethnic/Scots look really so bad? They'll only be worn while entering the stadium, so it's not like people will be pole vaulting and running 10,000 metres while wearing it. Plus the athletes will be spending all their spare time on Tinder shagging each other, so won't be wearing it, or anything, while off duty either.

Isn't the only real fashion crime on display there those abominable mustard socks? [ via The Drum]