It Now Costs Half as Much to Use Mobile Data When in the EU

By Gerald Lynch on at

Posting a gloating holiday snap to Facebook or Instagram from the EU will cost half as much from today, with new limits coming in to force from July 1st. Just in time for holiday season, giving us all more cash to spend on novelty fridge magnets and knock-off Beats headphones.

The cost of data roaming in the EU falls to 16 per megabyte, down from 36p, while the cost of calls drops too to 15p a minutes down from 19p. Receiving calls now costs 4p a minute down from 6p, while single texts now cost 5p to send. Roaming charges are looking increasingly-punitive within a single market, with the EU wrangling to have them scrapped altogether by the end of next year.

Keep in mind that the caps only apply within the EU though -- bring an atlas on your hols with you if you're not sure which countries the new limits apply to before going on a teary Facetime binge with your BFFs.

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