iWatch May Miss iPhone 6 Release, Hit Wrists in 2015 Instead

By Gerald Lynch on at

Any iWatch smartwatch that Apple may be planning to release will almost certainly need an iPhone to make the most of it. With the iPhone 6 likely to land sometime in September, it seemed to make perfect sense for the iWatch to land alongside it. But, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, that's no longer seems to be the case.

Mass production of the timepiece has slipped from July to September and now as far back as November according to Kuo. For Apple to ship in any considerable level of volume then, that would likely mean that the release of the device would come early in 2015.

As well as difficulties modifying iOS for the smaller hardware, Kuo suggests that hardware issues, such as producing flexible AMOLED displays and creating a device that adheres to stricter waterproof standards than Apple's usual wares, may be the root of the delay. Sounds like the recently-poached Tag Heuer sales executive is going to have his work cut out flogging these in the post-Christmas slump then. [MacRumors]