Kevin Smith Confirms Stormtroopers Will Appear in Episode VII

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've heard many a rumour about Star Wars Episode VII cameos, including the likes of Jedi Hunters, and even Tom Cruise. Now Kevin Smith, ever the commentator on all things film, has confirmed that Stormtroopers will feature in the upcoming sci-fi sequel.

Smith recently tweeted that he had visited the set, but had also signed an NDA that prevents him from spilling any important secrets. But according to Flickering Myth, he shared the detail at the Hollywood Babble-On in London earlier this week. When asked by his co-host Ralph Garman whether or not he saw Stormtroopers on the set, Smith nodded in agreement.

There you have it folks: Stormtroopers. Hopefully this means there will be some sort of Imperial remnant appearing in the film. [Flickering Myth via Slashgear]

Featured image: Stormtrooper Corps from Wookipedia