Knomo Knomad is a Mini Portable Organiser for Tablets (and All Your Other Bag Junk)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Complete with an optional battery pack to beat the latest wave of dead device airport security checks, the Knomad Mini Portable Organiser is a gadget case that manages to be useful as well as somewhat stylish.

Designed for use with the iPad Mini (though it'll comfortably fit most 8-inch tablets), the fold-out cases are made with canvas, with a shockproof enclosure to protect your tablet. Finished off with brass fittings, there are pouches for passports, charging cables, pens and styluses, headphones, travel and credit cards and your phone. Costing £45, the case can also be paired with a slimline 5,000mAh battery pack (which houses both Lightning and microUSB connections), positioned in the case in such a way that you can easily charge a drained phone while in transit.

The cases (available in olive, blue, sand and blue colours) cost £45, while you can get it with an included battery pack for £119. The power pack will be sold separately later this year for £89, while a similarly-styled 10-inch folio case for the iPad Air will launch in the coming months, priced at £50. [Knomo London]