Microsoft Courts Eye-Tracking VR Specialists for Xbox One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Keen not to fall behind Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus in the virtual reality race, Microsoft is said to be partnering with eye-tracking VR specialists FOVE for an Xbox One project.

Speaking with TechRadar, an anonymous FOVE source claims that Microsoft has "explicitly expressed interest in using the FOVE technology with Xbox". FOVE's virtual reality headset is the world's first to offer a head-mounted eye-tracking display, and has already been accepted into Microsoft's Ventures London Programme. Microsoft's accelerator programme in London is a gaming-focussed one, adding weight to the possibility that FOVE's tech may make its way into Microsoft's own often-rumoured VR headset.

Oculus Rift's long development cycle said to be drawing to a close, with a retail version slated for next year, while Sony's Project Morpheus so far remains merely an advanced concept. Though Microsoft lags behind the competition, lacking even a public VR prototype, an eye-tracking headset with controller-free Kinect controls would be a very compelling device indeed. [TechRadar]