Microsoft's Answer to Tablet Gaming? A Controller That Splits in Half

By Tom Pritchard on at

Up until recently the prominent way to play games on a tablet has been using touchscreen controls, which of course has it's limitations in terms of gameplay. Now Microsoft, like many other companies, has decided to patent a controller that makes tablet gaming more like console gaming. Their design? A controller that splits in half and clips onto your tablet. Ok then.

Obviously the Xbox controller design is incredibly popular, which is probably what made Microsoft decide to make it compatible with tablets. But a controller that splits in half and clips onto your tablet? I'm not convinced that will work because, well, it's been done before and didn't work.

I know it's only a patent, but it does show that Microsoft is at least considering this design. I'm not really one for mobile gaming, but I feel that if it needs a controller to work then stick it on a laptop or a console. [Patently Apple]