Microsoft's Flip-Flop Answers Cause Confusion Over Xbox One Dev Kit Update

By Gerald Lynch on at

We thought we'd heard the end of Microsoft's mixed messaging over the Xbox One's capabilities, following the console's disastrous unveiling. But after a positive few months of unified messaging to court gamers, the company is causing confusion once more. This time, it's the ability for every Xbox One console to be used as a dev kit that's been called into question.

Microsoft had promised that all bedroom game devs would eventually benefit from an update that would allow retail Xbox One consoles to be used as development kits, fuelling the burgeoning indie gaming scene. However Xbox Advanced Technology Group’s Martin Fuller, speaking in a Q&A session at Brighton's Develop conference, stated that there were "no plans" to bring the feature to consoles. "I am not aware of the reason why we didn’t manage to do that [...]we were in the early stages of Xbox One looking at the idea of a retail kit that could be turned into a development kit, and vice versa."

However, in a statement given to Kotaku, Microsoft was quick to reaffirm that the plan hasn't been scrapped:

The comments today were inaccurate. We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solution for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One. We will share more details at a later date.

While the dev kit dream hasn't died then, it's clearly still a long way off from becoming a reality, especially if senior Xbox staff don't seem to be briefed on the update's status. [SlashGear, Kotaku]