New Doctor Who Starts on August 23rd

By Gary Cutlack on at

This ridiculously short teaser trailer gives us our first look at Mr Capaldi's Doctor in action, in which he asks that young woman he always hangs around with if he's a good man or not. He is, that's been established over the last 50 years, he's just pretending to be confused for dramatic effect.

The Tardis is a bit on fire in the background behind him, hinting that it'll be rebuilt to look slightly different inside this year so the merchandise can all be refreshed and resold to children again. Brace yourselves for upwards of three seconds of footage...

...and prepare to see the lunch boxes, flasks, toys, beach towels, mugs, spatulas, shoes, t-shirts, duvet covers, fridges, ovens, fire extinguishers, printers, tables, kettles and home composting bins with Peter Capaldi's face and daleks and explosions on them from the end of August, when series 2,597-or-so airs. [YouTube via Doctor]