Now, What Could Apple Possibly Want From a Senior Tag Heuer Executive?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Just because Apple won't publicly acknowledge its iWatch plans doesn't mean others in the industry won't do so for them -- namely, the very companies from which Apple is poaching top-tier staff.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Jean-Claude Biver, head of watch brands at luxury gift group LVMH, revealed that Apple has been coaxing staff away from its high-end watch brand Tag Heuer. Biver revealed that Tag Heuer's sales director has accepted a "contract" to "launch the iWatch." No beating around the bush there -- this is a man who has just lost one of his core, senior team, so he's likely got an inside line on what tempted the key staff member to jump ship.

While we've been able to guesstimate many likely features of the iWatch, this is the clearest indication so far that Apple will be attacking the high-cost, luxury end of the market with its wearable, given the fresh executive staff it is courting. [CNBC]