Nvidia Shield Tablet Could Make Angry Birds Binges a Distant Memory

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's already got a dedicated Android gaming handheld in the form of the Nvidia Shield (pictured above), and it now looks as though Nvidia has put together a tablet for serious gamers too.

A Global Certification Forum listing has outed a device called the "NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet", revealing its 3G and 4G support. Though the listing reveals little else about the device aside from connectivity and manufacturer details, previous leaks point towards it being a 7.9 inch tablet with a 2048 x 1536 resolution screen, complete with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, running on the powerful Tegra K1 chipset.

This wouldn't be the first time Nvidia has put out a tablet. Its Tegra Note showed off impressive gaming chops, but didn't have Shield branding. That suggests that the Shield tablet will be focussed clearly on gaming -- perhaps even with some sort of physical gamepad support like the Shield handheld had. Potentially throw in Nvidia's GameStream tech for beaming AAA PC games to low-powered devices, and this could be a slate to really make hardcore gamers sit up and take notice.

Of course, the Nvidia Shield handheld never made it to UK shores, sadly, amidst rumours that it didn't perform at retail as the company had hoped it would Stateside. The tablet form factor is more of a safe bet though, so perhaps we'll finally see some Shield-branded gear in UK stores with the tablet's release. [GCF via Android Community]