Nvidia's Shield 2 Will be a Tablet Instead of a Handheld

By Gerald Lynch on at

That's according to serial tech leaker Evleaks, revealing a tablet-sized successor to the quirky Android gaming handheld.

Seemingly confirming earlier rumours surrounding a possible Shield Tablet, the post is accompanied by just a simple caption, "NVIDIA Shield Tablet, 2014".

So what can you expect from the Shield 2? The device is said to be using Nvidia's speedy K1 Tegra chip, which would make it capable of running Epic's Unreal Engine 4, as well as streaming PC games from a gaming machine running one of Nvidia's more recent desktop or laptop GPUs. An earlier leak had suggested the tablet would also feature a 7.9 inch display running at a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

If the rumour is true, it'll be interesting to see how Nvidia positions itself in the tablet market. Sure, the slate looks to have some serious gaming credentials but, the niche interest in PC streaming aside, is it doing much that any other Android tablet can't already do? If Nvidia has really ditched integrated handheld gaming controls, it may have ditched the Shield's one interesting USP, too. [Evleaks]