Oculus is Reportedly Teaming Up With Samsung to Make VR Mobile

By Tom Pritchard on at

Oculus might be one of the biggest names in virtual reality technology at the moment, but the company apparently doesn't fancy moving into the world of mobile VR under its own steam, since it may've inked a deal that lets Samsung use its tech to create a virtual reality experience for mobile devices.

The terms of the supposed deal are mutually beneficial and would give Samsung access to Oculus's specialised hardware while Oculus gains access to Samsung's manufacturing expertise which would allow it to introduce virtual reality to a far greater audience.

We've heard reports in the past indicating that this arrangement might happen, and leaked photos have suggested that Samsung is looking at moving into the world of mobile VR. So while this is yet another rumour in the ongoing saga, we expect to be receiving confirmation at some point soon...hopefully? [CNET]