Police Will Check all Drivers' Phones After Car Crashes

By Gerald Lynch on at

There will be no escaping the long arm of the law if your texting and driving has caused a car crash. New police guidelines will allow officers to seize the mobile phones of all drivers involved in collisions to check whether or not those behind the wheel had been on a call or sending a message at the time of the crash.

The new rules, issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers, extends a process that previously only applied to major accidents. With around 500 people each year seriously injured (and many also killed) due to reckless phone use on the road, officials hope the new rules will reinforce the message that driving whilst using a phone is unacceptable.

As well as the new post-crash checks, the guidelines may be accompanied by a new penalty point punishment on drivers' licenses. Authorities are considering doubling the point penalty for texting at the wheel to six, which would mean drivers would be banned if caught on their phones just twice. [Independent]

Image Credit: Passenger frightened by reckless driver holding a cell phone from Shutterstock.com