Potentially Poisonous Fake Booze is Flooding UK Off Licences

By Gary Cutlack on at

The late night walk of shame to the local off licence may come with more danger than getting mugged by the kids standing around outside it, with 20 per cent of offies in some locations found to be stocking fake booze.

And it's not just the costlier spirits that are being cloned these days. One shop in London was found to have 249 bottles of fake Jacob's Creek wine, as counterfeiters re-label cheaper brands in order to scam a few quid out of the boozers of the nation.

The Intellectual Property Office suggests looking for bumpy, overly gluey labels, misspellings and weird brand names in order to tell if that suspicious £4.99 two litre bottle of vodka is fake or not, suggesting we're at danger of drinking "...industrial alcohol, anti-freeze and other noxious substances" in fake brews. [Independent]

Image credit: Wine shopping from Shutterstock