Power-Banker Demands Google Unsends Erroneous Confidential Email

By Gary Cutlack on at

Goldman Sachs is embroiled in a bizarre legal battle with Google in which it wants to somehow change the rules of time, with court papers apparently showing that the bank wants Google to remove all mention of an email a contractor sent to the wrong Gmail account.

The mistake involved an outside worker sending a report to a person at "gmail.com" instead of the internally used "gs.com" -- and the bank's received no response from the user of the Gmail address. Hence Goldman would like someone at Google to access this user's account and manually delete the message, before the recipient realises what he or she has got and whacks it all up on Pastebin for a laugh.

Google is said to be willing to cooperate, but only if the bank is able to obtain the court order required to access and delete someone's messages.  [Reuters via Ars]