Pre-Order the iPhone 6 Now...So Long as You've £5,000 for a Diamond Encrusted One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Are you a recent lottery winner? A Saudi prince? A Russian oligarch? Then we've got your daily impulse buy for today sorted. Luxury phone makeover specialist Brikk is already taking pre-orders for its blinged-out iPhone 6 -- despite no-one truly knowing yet what the device will look like.

The iPhone 6 will be disassembled by the Brikk team before the "Lux" bejewelling process begins, with buyers offered the option of coating the device in 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold or pure platinum. Cash-flushed buyers can also choose to have the rear Apple logo decked out in diamonds -- which may prove a silly choice if the rumour that it is to be used as a notifications light proves true.

Brikk is counting on there being a 4.7-inch, 128GB version of the phone going on sale, as it's the only one it is currently offering to customise. Should you have between $4,495 and $8,795 (£2,645 and £5,176, depending on the level of opulence you opt for) to spare, Brikk aims to ship the shiny smartphones three to four weeks after Apple's own official launch for the device. [Brikk]