Pretend Supermarket Deals are Still Ripping Us Off, Says Consumer Group

By Gary Cutlack on at

Top trough-fillers Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are still inflating prices and playing mind games with us, according to Which?, with the supermarket giants routinely inventing deals and promotions based around short-term previous prices.

The practise of coming up with short-term price hikes so that products can then be sold at a lower price in future is frowned upon by the Department of Business, but is still going on. One example saw Asda inflating the price of a £1.50 pizza to £2, so it could then launch the amazing, once-in-a-lunchtime deal of offering two for £3.

Tesco was also spotted lifting the price of some beers to £4.50 for 15 days, before later chopping the price back down to £4 and passing that off as a staggering discount. In summary, shop around and go to Lidl, because they all hate it when you go to Lidl. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Shopping trolley from Shutterstock