Redesigned Raspberry Pi B+ Tweaks its Ports and Power

By Gerald Lynch on at

A revised Raspberry Pi barebones computer launches today. The Raspberry Pi B+ is "the final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi," according to its creators, but isn't quite worthy of the "Raspberry Pi 2" moniker.

Instead, the headline feature is an increased number of USB ports (with the DIY computer now housing four of the connections), while the full-fat SD card slot has been swapped out for a more-compact microSD option. The analogue and composite video connector has been swapped out too with a four-pole connector in its place. Still using a Broadcom chip with 512MB of memory, the B+ makes use of improved power management to power a higher number of connected peripherals at once.

Available to buy now, the Raspberry Pi B+ will set you back £24.35 before tax. [Raspberry Pi]