Reports Say Apple is Partnering With Swatch to Produce Multiple Smartwatches

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple hasn't been a company for licensing off its brand to other hardware manufacturers, but if the latest reports are to be believed then it might be doing just that to carve a space for itself in the smartwatch market.

Reports claim that Apple has partnered itself with Swiss watch firm Swatch in order to produce a number of Apple-branded smartwatches with different styles and prices. This seems a bit out of place for Apple to do such a thing because unlike other companies, like Samsung and HTC, it's tended to focus on one new model a year, and could just buy Swatch outright rather than work with them.

Then again Apple is a bit late to the smartwatch game and with companies like Samsung releasing a new smartwatch every few months or so, Apple does need to up its game if it wants to gain a decent market share. [VentureBeat via The Guardian]