Samsung's Latest UHD TV Transforms From Flat to Curved

By Gerald Lynch on at

Torn between a giant flatscreen TV and a curved screen set, with a serious wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Samsung's latest TV set takes away the dilemma altogether, going from flat to curved at the push of a button.

It's basically the Optimus Prime of opulent television sets. 78-inches diagonally (so a bit smaller than the 85-inch prototype on show at this year's CES) it's running at a high-res 4K resolution. It's bendable display sits in a flexible frame, with motors embedded in the chassis that can push and pull the screen in and out of a warped shape on command.

No word yet on a UK release or price, with the bendable screen launching first in Korea on August 1st. Expect it to cost half as much as your house though -- and if you can afford that, getting one shipped from Korea shouldn't be a problem anyway. [Samsung via Engadget]

Image Credit: Digital Trends