Samsung's Rumoured Super-Galaxy Now Known as the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

By Gary Cutlack on at

The constantly rumoured higher-than-an-S5 Samsung model has been spotted again, with its boot screen seeming to confirm something with the name Samsung Galaxy Alpha is on the way.

The two new pics come from tech blog Tinh te, showing Samsung's usual design language in effect atop a leather-effect case and with the LTE-A log on the back -- but there's no way to tell if this is the one with the rumoured metal chassis without running it through a metal detector or having one in the hand to bite down on.

We've seen this supposedly high-spec before many times under the previous name Galaxy F, although this latest image has a different camera sensor configuration around the back. So it might be something else, as Samsung's never been known to release one phone when 17 would also do the job. [Tinh te via Cnet]