Shooting Challenge -- The Winner of the Winners Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

Who came out on top in our mega four-week Shooting Challenge extravaganza? Read on, dear friends, read on.

After the nail-biting (I bite my nails, I'll admit that) final round of our most recent Shooting Challenge which saw many of you submit pics covering a wide range of subjects and styles over a period of four weeks, we were left with a bit of a 'problem'... We had two of you sitting on the top spot and only one prize!

Rather than deciding on a champion via the good old fashioned way of a joust (it was deemed 'impractical' on account of not having horses, lances or the proper training) we opted for a slightly safer option -- the vote. Your votes were cast, counted and have been verified by an independent adjudicator and I can now reveal that the Shooting Challenge winners, winner is...

[insert drumroll]

Matt Sibley!

Congratulations Matt, you've won a lovely virtual Shooting Challenge crown which must be returned in time for the next Shooting Challenge, and a fab Acer Aspire Switch 10 hybrid laptop / tablet which doesn't need to be returned, as that's yours for keeps.

Here are all of Matt's submissions in a mini scrollable gallery for you to enjoy all set to the music of Take Hart (just press play and start scrolling down).

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.

Thanks to Matt and everyone who participated in this extended Shooting Challenge; I'm sure you'll all agree that there were some cracking photos submitted in all four rounds.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday, when our next Shooting Challenge will be announced.

Martin Snelling is a Hampshire-based photomatographer and wearer of fine hats. He tweets here and he is currently working on a long-term photography project entitled 'View From This Side'.