Should Google Buy Spotify?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours and counter-rumours have been going around of late, suggesting that Google may have had a tentative shot at buying Spotify. After all, its own streaming music service isn't hugely popular, so why not chuck a few billion at the Swedish king of stream?

The rumour originated due to a suggestion in the WSJ that Google had tried to spend between $4bn and $5bn on buying an unnamed overseas company, which some took to be Spotify. But apparently it wasn't, with Recode now claiming that its Google sources have all shrugged blankly and said no such deal was ever an option.

But should it have done? Because if Google doesn't buy Spotify, Facebook probably will at some point in the future, and nobody wants that to happen, do they? Have we reached a place where tech giants need to throw billions around to buy companies just to stop their competitors getting hold of them?

Or is Google's own streaming service, backed by the fact it can force it into hundreds of millions of users' hands via Android, enough to see it through the music streaming war? [WSJRecode]