Slacking Intel May Cause 12-Inch Retina MacBook Delays

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's MacBook Air is arguably the sleekest laptop on the market, but since the release of Apple's high-resolution Retina MacBook Pro computers, the Air range's screen has looked a little ropey. As a result, 12-inch Retina MacBook models (replacing the low-res 11-inch Air laptops) have been rumoured for some time now. But it seems the wait for a slimline hi-res machine is set to drag on a while longer due to processor production problems.

Intel's new Broadwell chipset is apparently at the heart of the problem. The 14-nanometer chips were expected to be ready in large enough quantities to facilitate a "fall 2014" launch for Apple's rebooted laptop line. But with Broadwell's release slipping multiple times, and Apple's sights set on the U Series chips which are now not expected until February 2015, it now looks as though the 12-inch machines won't be around until next Spring at the earliest.

Though it's little consolation, the early rumours surrounding the 12-inch model's design make it sound as though it'll be worth the wait. As well as the Retina-resolution display, a new chassis design (bridging the gap between the Air and MacBook Pro models) is said to feature, with a fanless heat management system that makes the computer run almost silently. The 12-inch model may also make use of a redesigned trackpad that does away with the mechanical mouse button clicker in favour of a wider array of gesture controls. [MacRumors]