Some Killjoy Has Canned Swarovski's Crystal-Covered Drone Flock

By Gerald Lynch on at

It would have been an aerial display fit for a Russian oligarch -- as part of the London Design Festival, shiny stone merchants Swarovski had asked events team Superflux to kit out a fleet of drones with crystals for an opulent-sounding "Drone Aviary".

The installation was to be housed the in garden of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and would have offered the public "a chance to interact with ‘semi-autonomous’ creatures" this September.

But the idea has now been scrapped, with Swarovski spokespeople citing concerns over the “safety of members of the public in close proximity to the drones.” More likely, a company insurer has probably clocked on to the possibility of someone hacking the swarm and flying off with a few grand's worth of gems. Perhaps John Cale's drone orchestra can plug the gap that's now been left? [QZ]