The Best Free and Discounted Apps in Apple's Sixth Anniversary Sale

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Apple has gotten in the wonderful little habit of discounting some of its most beloved App Store fare for its birthday, and this year is no different. In honour of the sixth anniversary of the App Store, Apple developers have kindly discounted a whole slew of gems for you. We've picked out the best of the bunch.

For whatever reason, the App Store's decided to highlight its best and brightest puzzle games in particular. Which is good news for us, because there are some great (and beautiful) puzzles to be had. We'll update should more apps get their price tags slashed, but for now, happy downloading.


- Monument Valley (£1.50)
- Threes! (69p)
- Symmetrain (Free)
- The Room Two (99p)
- Blek (69p)
- Eliss Infinity (69p)
- Assassin's Creed Pirates (Free)
- Lost Toys (£1.49)
- Infinity Blade III (£1.99)
- Nihilumbra (Free)


- Timer Flo Pro (Free)
- Pinswift (69p)
- GPS Location (Free)
- KORG Gadget (£20)
- Awesome Calendar (69p)
- Screens VNC (£7)