The Flux Capacitor Car Charger April Fool's Prank is Now a Real Product

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The folks at ThinkGeek put so much effort into their April Fool's Day prank products every year that often times they end up turning them into a reality. Remember the Star Wars Tauntan sleeping bag?, that started life as a prank. And of all the wonderful products ThinkGeek pretended to announce on April 1st this year, the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor car charger is the one to get the IRL nod.

Officially available starting in September for $25 (£15, plus shipping), this tiny prop replica connects to your car's cigarette lighter power port and provides a pair of 2.1-amp USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. It also lights up and... fluxes... while it's charging your gear, just like it did in the movie—but that's about it. You're welcome to try and hit 88 mph while it's installed in your vehicle, but that will more likely result in a speeding ticket than jumping through time. [ThinkGeek]