The Heat-Distributing Flares on This Pot Make Dinner Cook Even Faster

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The type of metal your pots and pans are made of can affect how quickly or evenly they heat, but so can their shape. That's why kitchenware manufacturer Lakeland sought out the expertise of an actual rocket scientist to help design its unique flared pots and pans that better distribute heat for faster cooking and less burning.

The Heat-Distributing Flares On This Pot Make Dinner Cook Even Faster

Made from cast aluminium and stainless steel, the fins on Lakeland's Flare Pans were developed by Oxford University's Dr. Tom Povey and promise to cook foods about 44 per cent faster than the more traditional smooth design. The fins serve to efficiently channel heat from the bottom of the pan too all the way up the sides, evenly heating everything inside from all directions, and reducing cook times.

It's one of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments, but only until you remember that few of us are certified rocket scientists with the thermodynamics know-how to make this a reality. Thankfully you don't need such credentials to use the pots, just anywhere from £50 to £85 to buy them depending on what size you need. [Lakeland via Inhabitat]