The iPhone 6 May Have a Glowing Apple Logo for Notifications

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's more to that rumoured Sapphire glass screen than just protecting against drops The latest iPhone 6 rumour suggests that Apple is looking to turn the phone's rear logo into a light-up notifications indicator, meaning the next smartphone from the Cupertino labs could spend most of its life facing down, right on top of that supposedly-reinforced display.

The leak comes from uSwitch, which claims to have sourced a rear panel with the help of usually-reliable Apple leaker Sonny Dickson. The new housing, when compared to older iPhones, is said to have a plastic sheet placed over the Apple logo that is thin enough to let light shine through it.

Though they suit some and annoy others, I'd welcome a glowing visual indicator as to what notifications are awaiting inside a locked iPhone. However, I'm not so sure about putting that indicator on the back of the phone -- as a child of the CD generation, I'm programmed to put the most delicate surfaces of a gadget facing upwards, a habit only intensified after scratching up my own iPhone 5. Should this latest leak prove true, that rumoured Sapphire glass screen had better be invulnerable if Apple is to convince me this is a good idea, and help me to break the habit of a lifetime. [uSwitch]