The Watch That Walked on the Moon Gets an Anniversary Upgrade

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Believe it or not not, the watch that Buzz Aldrin wore as he took those first steps on the moon wasn't some custom contraption engineered by NASA to endure the vacuum of space. It was an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph, and 45 years later the watchmaker has released a commemorative follow-up called the Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11—now made from space-age titanium.

The Watch That Walked On the Moon Gets an Anniversary Upgrade

Limited to just 1,969 pieces to celebrate the year man landed on the moon, the Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 is waterproof to 50 metres, but it can obviously withstand the harsh conditions of space as well, if that's on your required feature list. This version comes with a suitably brown finish that appears to pay homage to the moon's dusty surface, a matching brown nylon fabric strap, and a price tag that that's just shy of $8,300 (£4,889)—so also having access to NASA's 1969 level of funding wouldn't hurt. [Omega via Pocket-lint]