The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Life has many of those little joys, but none so satisfying as a nap when you're weren't able to get enough sleep. It doesn't have to be a long one, even an hour is enough to stop you from falling asleep at your desk. Napping was a staple part of my second year at university, a habit I'm reacquainting myself with recently. But now is not the time for naps, now is the time for apps.

iPhone Apps

BBC Good Food Magazine: The BBC's monthly cooking/recipe magazine filled with some amazing culinary delights. The digital version of this was formerly restricted to the iPad, but now the tablet-less iOS users out there can experience the magazine on their phones. [Free -- with subscription]

Nando's: Ah Nando's and their chicken, it's almost as well known as KFC and its... erm, chicken. You may be aware that Nando's offers a takeaway service, and now that service is available on your iPhone. It's quicker, easier, uses PayPal, and means you can order while on the go. [Free]

Fitbay: Don't let the name fool you, this app doesn't have anything to do with physical fitness. Instead it's a way of shopping for clothes in your exact size. Once the app has your measurements and a description of your body type, it connects you with a network of people who not only share a similar physique, but also a similar taste in clothes. [Free]

Fitbit: Just as Fitbay's slightly misleading name lulls you into a false sense of security, Fitbit comes along and ruins it. Fitbit is a fitness app that tracks your activity throughout the day and helps you monitor the progress you make towards your goal with a nice simple interface. [Free]

Yo, Hodor: You might have heard of Yo, the app that literally only lets you say "Yo" to your contacts. This is similar, except it channels your inner loveable fantasy giant by only letting you say Hodor, which is far cooler and makes you sound much less irritating. [Free]

iPad Apps

WinZip: One of the world's best known .zip utility has been out on iOS for a while now, but it's had a nice hefty update for you to enjoy. Now the app has direct access to Google Drive and OneDrive, as well as compatibility with iWork13 files. [£2.99]

Facebook Messenger: Facebook has been threatening to remove messenger from the main Facebook app for a while, and while it hasn't happened yet, iPad users won't be left out, now that a stand-alone messenger is available to them. [Free]

BBC Weather: A weather app with the forecasts from the folks at the BBC. There isn't much to it, it's a weather app after all, but it does have a 10-day forecast so you can plan ahead. [Free]

Little Moments: Most photo editing software is rather serious, there to make major edits and improve images. Little Moments is different, since it's designed to make image editing fun. Whether it's with filters, quotes, or a fancy design, it's a nice bit of fresh air from the rest of the stuff out there. [£1.49]

Civilization Revolution 2: I recently started playing Civilization V, and I have to say I love it. I would jump at the chance of playing it on the go, and so should you. This one is a sequel to the original Civilization Revolution, and comes packed with 3D graphics and the options to see your game world in masses of tactical depth. Just try not to get addicted, alright? [£10.49]

Android Apps

Heads Up! - notifications: The Android L preview might be available now, but unless you're a developer with a Nexus device you're missing out. Fortunately if you have a device that has Android 4.3 and above, you can download Heads Up! which is an unofficial version of the notification system featured in Google's latest offering. [£0.58]

Cardboard: An essential piece of Google's budget virtual reality system, the Cardboard app is your portal into a virtual world brought to you by Google. With familiar names like Earth, Youtube, Street View, plus more. You will need a Cardboard headset to get the full effect, but they aren't that expensive. [Free]

Android L Keyboard: Another app pulled from Android L, this one will give you access the app's new keyboard if you can't get hold of the preview version of the OS. [Free]

YouTube Creator Studio: The official app that lets you manage your YouTube channel on the go with minimal fuss. Check out your stats, get customised notifications, and (if you hate yourself) you can respond to any comments your content receives. [Free]

Android Wear: If you've just gone out and bought one of the recently released Android Wear smartwatches, you'll be wanting to link it to your phone so you can get the most out of your shiny new wearable. The Android Wear app will let you link your two devices together via Bluetooth and let you do just that. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

AppZapp UK: Want to stay on top with the best apps available but don't want to trawl through the app store? I don't blame you; it's not a nice place to have to sift through on a regular basis. AppZapp UK will do that for you, and will show you the best apps that are currently available. Even better it offers certain new apps at a discount, and sometimes completely free. [Free]

Barclays Pingit: Ever stuck for cash in an emergency, or just need to send money off when you're away from the computer? Pingit will let you send and receive money from your mobile, even if you're not a Barclays customer. It's not a massive help if your bank has its own dedicated mobile app, but it could be a life-saver if they don't. [Free]

London Tube Tracker: Ideal if you live in London, handy if you're visiting. Useless if you don't ever plan on visiting the capital. This app gives you 24-hour coverage of the London Underground, as well as a map of the city so you can find the nearest station. Just make sure you have Wi-Fi in the station if you plan on using it underground. [Free]

first direct: Frankly I don't know what I'd do without mobile banking, and if you're a Windows-Phone-using, first direct customer, you might have been missing out. Fortunately mobile banking now available to you, letting you check your balance, and manage payments, on the go. [Free]

Just Eat: The famous digital take-away menu is now available on the Windows Phone. With 20,000 restaurants nationwide, and the ability to order, browse, and pay in-app, it really is the lazy way to order a takeaway. [Free]