The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everybody knows the feeling of despair you get when you finally finish a TV series, but it's so much worse when your streaming service of choice doesn't have the whole lot. Then again, I suppose it's a great starting point to go off and watch it elsewhere. Sure Netflix might only have one season out of three, but that's one season you wouldn't have watched otherwise. Speaking of which, here are some apps you might not have known about:

iPhone Apps

Dreamstime Photography Companion: We all know that stock photos exist, but where do they come from? Well in the case of Dreamstime they come from contributing photographers. You simply upload your images to the app and it gets added to the marketplace, if any of your photos get used you get paid real money. It probably won't make you millions, but it's an easy way to monetise your photography. [Free]

Climendo: Plenty of news outlets come with their own weather forecasts, but how do you decide which one to use and, more importantly, which one do you believe? Climendo takes five of the most popular weather services (different from country to country) and shows them side-by-side to give you the best idea of what's to come. [£0.69]

Wiper Messenger: Private communication is all the rage, but can you delete logs from the other person's device? With Wiper, that's more than possible. With free worldwide texting and calls, it's one of the more private ways to communicate with people across the world for zero cost. [Free]

Soundwave: An app that lets you chat and share music with your friends. By capturing the music you play from places like Spotify and YouTube it makes sure you'll never lose music again, and makes it easier to share it with your friends. The new version has private groups to make sharing easier, and personalised recommendations. [Free]

Fantasy Football: The World Cup may be over but we have less than a month until the Premier League kicks off, so you might be thinking about your fantasy league for the next year. This offering from Yahoo is ideal with unlimited weekly transfers, private leagues, and cross-device synchronisation. [Free]

iPad Apps

Flightradar 24 Free: Chances are you've heard of this one, FlightRadar lets you view millions of plans in transit in real time, and can identify any planes that fly overhead. This is an updated version which brings in a whole host of functions from the premium version absolutely free of charge. Now you can search for planes, identify overhead planes, and view pictures of them all for zero cost. [Free]

Togethera: Finding an accessible private space to share photos online is easier said than done. The default for many websites seems to be sharing semi-publicly, and you don't want random strangers. Togethera is such a space, and it's simple enough for even the most tech-illiterate grandparents to use with no problems. [Free]

Passible Password Manager: Passwords are a pain the remember, especially since each one has to be alphanumeric, with a capital letter, a special character, three hieroglyphics, and must be an anagram of the word salmon. Password manager will store your passwords for easy access to your apps, as well as your credit card info for your easy checkouts. [Free -- with subscription]

Pause: Pause is a quarterly music magazine with includes reviews, features, and interviews. The latest issues have just been released, a guide to 2014 festivals, and the best of Q2 2014. [Free]

Guardians of the Galaxy - The Universal Weapon: The trend these days is to release a video game tie-ins on mobile devices, but they tend to be over-the-top freemium games loaded with in-app purchases. Not so with this one. You take control of the eponymous Guardians in their quest to prevent the Universal Weapon falling into the hands of the villainous Ronan the Accuser over 25 different levels. [£2.99]

Android Apps

Pullshot: Screenshots and photos are very distinct, and some phones don't distinguish between the two in your photo gallery. If that's the case, then Pullshot is there to help out. What it does is simple, it identifies your screenshots and organises them together for you automatically. From there you can further organise them into folders. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Kabx: Pretty much all taxi apps that work in this country are restricted to the Greater London area, which is irritating since roughly 87 per cent of the British population lives elsewhere. Fortunately Kabx is no longer one of those apps since it now works in Manchester. Book you taxi within seconds, organise how you're going to pay within the app, and with 2,000 drivers available you shouldn't have to wait more than five minutes if you're within the M60. [Free]

QCast: QCast is a way of creating and controlling shared playlists on a Chromecast stick. Anyone who can connect to the Chromecast in question can add a song to a shared queue, and anyone can downvote songs they don't want to hear. Songs can be removed by the host, the person who queued them, or if the majority of people downvote it. You will need a Google Play Music All Access Subscription to host though. [Free -- with subscription]

Notific: Lockscreen notifications are great, but not all apps support them. Enter Notific which will let you create a lockscreen notification for any app you deem important. As an example, by day-to-day phone doesn't support lockscreen notifications for Gmail, but with Notific it can do. Normally the app would light up your display whenever you get a notification, but it's clever enough to realise when it's in your pocket and won't light up until you pick it up -- saving you that precious battery. [£0.57]

Short Paste: If you want to cut down a link you usually have to copy it into a link generator on the web, but if you're on your phone/tablet that might not be as easy as it sounds. As always, there's an app for that and Short Paste is simple and designed to work on a mobile device, so that you can copy the long link in and choose from one of many different kinds of shortened URLs. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Clipr: The thing about backgrounds on any device is that the icons can get in the way of an otherwise amazing picture. Now the thing that separates the Windows Phone home screen from other devices are the tiles, and Clipr utilises those tiles to ensure you get the best background. It utilises the tile space, which means that they won't be getting in the way of your pictures; they are your pictures, after all. [Free]

Chrome Mini: As far as I can tell there is, like many popular apps, no official Chrome Browser for Windows Phone; if you want the Chrome experience you have to go third party. Chrome Mini is such an app, dedicated to bringing you the basic feel of Google Chrome. It also claims to be the fastest browser available for Windows Phone, but I'll leave that for you to decide. [Free]

Climatology: Sick and tired of your own home climate? Why not look into the different climates that exist across the world? Whether it's just for your own amusement, or if you're looking to go on holiday and don't want to get trapped by the wet season, this is something to look into. [Free]

App Locker Pro: Sure you can lock your phone, but it isn't as foolproof as some people would hope. That's why you download an app like App Locker, which adds an extra layer of security to your important apps. Bear in mind that this isn't a case of you choosing which apps to lock, instead the app has a preset list and you can choose which ones you want protecting. Sure it's limited, but it's better than nothing. [Free]

Spending Tracker: If you're anything like me, you just love to spend money on frivolous crap that you don't need. "It's looks so awesome" you might say, but how do you know if you can afford it? Spending Tracker is a financial app that logs how much you've spent, where you've spent it, and how much of your budget you have left. So whether you enjoy eating out, drinking out, or browsing eBay, you'll know exactly how much you can spend without missing this month's rent. [Free]