The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Being able to work from home has its ups and downs. The major benefit is being able to roll out of bed five minutes before you're due to start work and not have to worry about travelling anywhere. The downside being that you have all the distractions of home available. It's remarkably easy to listen to the calls of procrastination, believe me I've heard its call many a time when writing up these lists.

iPhone Apps

Destiny Companion: A companion app for Bungie's upcoming sci-fi shooter that surprised people because it's not terrible. Since the game is an RPG, the app is there to show your character's progression throughout your play experience, as well as keeping track of your missions, statistics, your inventory, merchants, and game lore. [Free]

Tagstr: Tagstr has been described as the anti social network, but it's worth mentioning that it doesn't mean antisocial networking, it means its anti social-network. The point of the app is uploading and sharing your photos, films, and sounds, but unlike Instagram or Facebook you don't have a list of "friends" or "followers", you upload no strings attached. [Free]

Sky Service: A way to manage your Sky account on-the-go without out all the faffing around in a web browser. Sky Service gives you access to ways of sorting out problems with your Sky account, whether that's FAQs or the customer service team, bill management, or PIN setup. [Free]

MapHook: A map-based journal that allows you to keep track of notes and web links based on location. See something cool? Drop a hook to keep track of it. It's as public or as private as you want, so you will also be able to see the hooks people have dropped nearby your current location. [Free]

Overcast: This one is a podcast player, and while it may seem fairly basic it's got pretty much everything you need to find, download, and listen to podcasts. You can either search for ones you already know, pull recommendations from Twitter, subscribe so that you can get push notifications whenever a new episode comes out, and you don't need an active internet connection to listen either. [Free]

iPad Apps

iMPC Pro: A 64-track music editing app for your iPad, iMPC allows you to create, edit, and mix your own tracks. It might not be the same as real equipment, but if you're in a situation where using said equipment just isn't possible then this is the next best thing. [£8.99]

Matter: A way to add some creativity to your photos that doesn't include filters or stickers. Matter is a way of adding 3D effects to your phone with realistic shadows and reflections. Matter also allows you to create video effects from these 3D objects on your photos, such as a spinning ball or pulsing objects. [£1.49] While most language apps have you learning words or phrases, makes you learn in a way that's more proactive and useful. You choose the language you want to learn, and will have you reading articles in that tongue. Don't understand a word? Not a problem, the app lets you tap it to learn what it means. It also uses personalised games and flashcards on those unknown words so that you actually remember them in future. [Free]

Plotagon: One for the budding screenwriters out there, Plotagon is not only an app that lets you write up your filmic masterpiece, once you're done it can play it out for you as an animated film. That's actually really cool. It's slightly limited in that it can't animate scripts that don't match up to the characters and scenes in the app (which you sadly have to pay for), but it's clever and it hasn't been done before. Worth a look. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Madefire Motion Books & Comics: Comic readers might know about Comixology, one of the most well known digital comics platforms. Comixology doesn't give you the option to buy motion comics, Madefire, on the other hand, does. What's a motion comic? Basically a comic that moves and has audio. There are some motion comics included free of charge, but Madefire is primarily a marketplace for you to buy your own with no hassle. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Android Apps

Bamboo Paper: This one will turn your device into a paper notebook (or the closest thing to it), to capture your thoughts and musings. Whether it's notes, sketches, or whatever, you now have the perfect place to record them. [Free]

Digify: Sharing files isn't always easy, and you might not want to give someone permanent access to your shared DropBox folder. Digify make sharing files easy, but with a brilliant feature. Rather than allowing someone permanent access, the sender has the ability to wipe the file from the other person's phone. It's a little bit like a manual version of Snapchat, but for files. [Free]

ChoreMonster: Got kids and struggle to get them to do the housework? You might want to give this a try. ChoreMonster aims to make housework fun by awarding points for completed tasks. Points can then be spent on tickets to the Monster Carnival, where you can win and unlock Monsters, giving them an end goal and further incentives. [Free]

PixtoCam: Using a timer to take a photo can be irritating, especially if you get the timing wrong. Remote controls can be expensive. For people who already own an Android Wear smartwatch, PixtoCam is here to help you. From the app you can control the shutter on your phone's camera, allowing you to take pictures from a distance with ease. [Free]

Microsoft Account: Two-step verification is one of the most common security features for online accounts to include, and Microsoft is no exception. This app makes the need to input a security code redundant, by letting you verify your identity with a single tap of the screen. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Uber: The useful, and ever controversial, app is finally available on Windows Phone. Uber is the alternative to booking yourself a taxi. All you have to do search for a ride in the app, compare prices, and book. You should get picked up within minutes, and by storing your card details in-app you'll never need to worry about having cash again. [Free]

Plex: A media server that syncs across all of your devices and organises your media for you. Whether it's video, photos, or music, you'll be able to access it on the server from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, this is £3 on iOS and Android, so the price makes it an absolute bargain. [£0.79]

Glasgow 2014: With the Commonwealth Games in full swing it'll be impossible to keep up with it all by yourself. With this app you can stay up to date with what's happening when, and keep track of who won a medal in what, and you can even select which sports, teams, and competitors to track. [Free]

Eventacular: This is one for tracking events, Eventacular allows you to store events and reminders. Once they've been stored you get a countdown documenting how much time there is until the fateful event. [Free]

Aviva Drive: This is one to test your driving skills to see how much money you could save on your car insurance. By using GPS, the app tracks you as you drive 200 miles and gives your driving a score out of ten. Using that score, you can save up to 20 per cent on a car insurance quote from Aviva. [Free]