The World's Biggest Tiny Domino Setup Calls for Record-Setting Patience

By Eric Limer on at

Going big means going small, like when you are trying to set the world record for the most mini dominoes (2,000) ever toppled in one sequence. The result is as impressive as it is minute. My god those guys must have a lot of patience.

A mini domino is not only smaller than a regular domino (80 times smaller), but also way lighter than a regular domino (100 times lighter), so these mini-domino-setup assemblers from Sinners Domino Entertainment not only had to worry about shaky hands as they set up each minuscule toppler with tweezers, but also about even sighing with relief too hard when they didn't knock it all over.

After one major accident more than half-way through, this crew of infinitely patient kids got their 2,000 mini dominoes set up perfectly, and the resulting cascade is actually pretty damn impressive. These kids are going to make great surgeons/bomb defusers someday. The Awesomer]