These Shoes Let You Know Where to Go Without Having to Look at a Screen

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think of wearable you probably think of things like a smartwatch or Google Glass rather than a piece of clothing. An Indian company is challenging that notion, with a pair of shoes called the Lechal which can give you directions without ever having to look at a screen.

How it works is quite simple, the shoes connect to your smartphone, or rather your navigation app, and will vibrate left or right when you need to make a turn. Quite a cool subtle way of knowing exactly where you're going really. They're compatible with all three major mobile phone systems as well, so the only people left out will be BlackBerry owners.

Lechal is expected to launch in September and you can choose from either a regular pair of shoes, or insoles that fit inside the pair that you currently own. You can register your interest right now, but you should expect to pay $150 (around £88) for a set. [Lechal via Engadget]